Depth no high frequency does not just want fire what do Airbnb conquered you

“Editor’s note” on August 19, the United States online rental company announced Airbnb, the introduction of Sequoia China broadband capital and two local investment firms, formal entry into China, Airbnb attention again. NET author tanchao of Lei feng, a former Facebook engineer, Silicon Valley startups closely, and continuing publication of Frontier Silicon Valley. This article on Airbnb “O2O model” success is analyzed in-depth interpretation of Airbnb’s past and present, gives us a full view of Airbnb.

Depth: no high frequency does not just want fire, what do Airbnb conquered you?

If you go to the United States or Europe, I strongly recommend you try Airbnb, you’ll find its unique houses, photo, fine quality service experience you can’t help but want to use a second time. Let me simply Airbnb successful process.

First of all, I am ashamed, I’m in the United States for 5 years, and haven’t heard about O2O this abbreviation. “Offline to Online” the term itself in Silicon Valley and United States business circles are almost never heard mentioned. At first I thought it was their own ignorance, then April go to Hangzhou for Alibaba to dinner, haiping asked what I was doing, I say a O2O project; he asked what is O2O, I immediately knew I was in China.

June I in Silicon Valley study big half months, to access has Andreessen Horowitz, reminds they of this year early bullish of 16 a venture direction, found inside is with of Online Marketplaces and not what O2O; this months new out of KPCB of Internet trend of report in, close 200 page of report in never appeared O2O or “Online To Offline” (does so, you can himself found about), Only “on-demand service” online platforms/marketplaces,service Commerce (which they called traditional business: product Commerce).

Starbucks iPhone 6 Case

So, this is cause I have suspected for a long time O2O Chinese coined the term, because people are best at using the first letter abbreviation, but often do not know the back represents the specific meaning of the English word. Just like when I was in Facebook before, never heard about SNS, only heard of “social network”.

Since O2O is not a formal source, I also doubt very much all of the so-called experts have analyzed the O2O success factors.

Back to the question itself, this time back to the Bay area for nearly a month, visit Uber,Cousera and Airbnb; happened before many of his colleagues (including my cousin) also on Airbnb.

Story by Airbnb venture all the way to us look, what Online Marketplaces (O2O) the key to success:

1. addressing market needs and pain points for users is the key to key

When I chat with Airbnb’s classmates, I notice, they had no O2O psycho analysis. Airbnb can simply think their platform nature of success is:

Market on the one hand there are many spare rooms, on the other hand there are many tourist or business people, the free resource and user needs are contact Airbnb effectively together to address pain points users on both sides of the market.

Yes, it’s as simple as that, business model is the return to nature, rather than blow out a set of methodology.

2. how competing products, and, even the market leader, competition? That is how to survive?

The eternal answer here is: to provide differentiated services and run faster. Airbnb came out that year, when market Craigslist is the boss, that is, United States 58 city. On friends know that Craigslist is known for simple interface roughness to the world (also can be said to be succinct). But because its meets user needs, so the boss has been a secondary trading market. Airbnb’s strategy is to provide better picture and room to shoot. Two founders are designers birth, so for pictures and beauty hold very well. They hired a professional photographer to each tenant’s home, photo room to the extreme. This craftsman spirit is the lack of entrepreneurs in China.

When I go to LA to play like this, using Airbnb set home page. Makes it easy to see the room location on a map, as well as previews of the room are very beautiful at the lower left.

Depth: no high frequency does not just want fire, what do Airbnb conquered you?

(In Malibu, so more expensive)

Detail photos of the room does not say, and would choose the camera angle:

Depth: no high frequency does not just want fire, what do Airbnb conquered you?
Depth: no high frequency does not just want fire, what do Airbnb conquered you?
Depth: no high frequency does not just want fire, what do Airbnb conquered you?

People want to live at a glance. Other tenants and tenants are easy to connect and become friends. My cousin put his house on Airbnb, and then know the Bay area investment and entrepreneurial group of friends.

Traditional and online reservation site Airbnb’s competitors, such as Priceline,Expedia, etc. Airbnb is the use of large events and most of the time in overcrowded hotels, much publicity. If Priceline or traditional hotels as a server cluster, Airbnb is a very flexible cloud hotel, in the traditional hotel since the peak flow (bursty traffic) overflow, Airbnb reflect the unique value. Buffett BRK shareholder meeting last year, naming Airbnb to Omaha to expand services. Airbnb shared economic model of free PR says from Buffett.

3. early traffic come from?

Whether it’s e-commerce, P2P lending, still O2O, is to build a platform, then two on the platform to carry on their activities. This deal can be a traditional commodity trading (Product Commerce) or service transaction (Airbnb,Uber,Thumbtack). On this model, the service provider (Service Provider) will always be the party platform should focus on attracting and focusing on good service, such as Uber good drivers, merchant of quality shops, there are P2P platform on the high quality assets.

Airbnb diversion on Craigslist with way: they are unwise to find listings on Craigslist, send mail to the landlord on Airbnb rental house can get higher rents and tenants.

4. growth how?

Advantages of Airbnb with itself here in Silicon Valley, Facebook digs, and the growth of Facebook hack method was introduced. Myself in the last years also had the honor of Facebook’s Growth Group effectiveness, and specific processes and on Growth in Facebook Hack points, could write a book, I know later in the column, a new one added. Back on Airbnb, the methods they use are:

A) crawling on the Craigslist potential users, and through the mail “harassment”;

B) established detailed data embedding and access rates and loss rates for each page, find the need to focus on optimizing the link;

C) gray-scale release and a/b testing; page modifications and tuning on the process, Gray published to the 1% or 5% user, its actual effect on the user’s data (access time? Retained to improve? Under a single rate), decided to publish 100% this modification is also being cut off;

D) further improve user retention and “suspended animation” mechanism for users to see return.

Yes, for Chinese entrepreneurs and even large companies, I want to emphasize about the c above:

I have always felt that data driven (to data and result-oriented) should be more deeply into every entrepreneur and a leader’s heart. Because of traditional Chinese culture makes people used to rule society, is the boss in charge. Boss due to face myself and suffer from the brush, often like to shoot head conductor in the top position. Boss’s time is quite tight, often racking our brains decide what page to get, this process is using a or b, and so on. The end result is, one thinks that he is firmly on the one hand control of the company, on the one hand step by step of the company to the brink of the abyss.

Therefore, the knife not to miss the cut, to establish a comprehensive data collection and display the page, and then for key features and UI improvements, first, gray released their impact on data, data speak for themselves. Entrepreneurs in China, can be figured out and do so very little.

So, to sum up, Airbnb effectively connect the chosen people and people in need of housing, effectively meets the needs of both people; when competing with craigslist and hotels, providing differentiated service, featuring photo; in the promotion, operation and growth, are doing very well. Was fully affirmed in this Uber shared economic year, Airbnb jumped to $10Billion dollars in corporate Club is a logical thing.

In addition, having to repeat “frequency” means. I personally think “frequency” is an evaluation O2O industry important condition, but cannot determine whether it can be made bigger. I have to say, if Airbnb provides accommodation services have the same frequency and travel, Airbnb would have valuations and Uber, or even higher. After all, in the “community”, is the highest price an industry.

Finally, with regard to China, the situation may require special consideration. Low frequency of service, can grow bigger and require a longer cycle, and may be other high-frequency service to shocks. Airbnb’s history:

1. the company has established 7 years; in China, around 7 O2O little;

2. the generally fickle and always want to score 3 month; 1 it can occupy the market as a whole. So service hard to get fine, fine photos and fine service like Airbnb, none seriously. China, still have to pursue frequency and brutal expansion.

Development processes on Airbnb

1, “in 2008, Airbnb to have been admitted to y Combinator’s winter 2009, and received a $ 20,000 investment. Take the money, was officially renamed the Airbnb, and soon secured an additional $ 600,000 in seed funding. “Say Airbnb when seed is $ 620,000. Yes, Facebook when the angel investment was $ 500,000.

I can’t help but think domestic Internet banking now, O2O or online education company, is millions of angels, faintly bubble seems to be there.

2, Airbnb Office culture

This person feels a bit in the past, it really was the founding designer of the company, the decoration and arrangement of the company are quite stylish. Each meeting room according to Airbnb interesting room in the House all over the world to decorate, and even the toilet, also arranged in good order.

Depth: no high frequency does not just want fire, what do Airbnb conquered you?
Depth: no high frequency does not just want fire, what do Airbnb conquered you?
Depth: no high frequency does not just want fire, what do Airbnb conquered you?
Depth: no high frequency does not just want fire, what do Airbnb conquered you?
Depth: no high frequency does not just want fire, what do Airbnb conquered you?

(This last one is the toilet and the inside of the toilet! )

3. the Airbnb is the name origin and meaning

The founders of Airbnb are designers Joe Gebbia and Brian Chesky, and of course they have to worry about paying the rent and (because the San Francisco rent more expensive). They intend to own a room go out and get some extra cash in the attic.

Craigslist in their opinion is so ugly, so they built a simple website. They put their own living room three mattresses and pledged themselves to do a simple breakfast, so the name “Airbed and breakfast” website with the domain name, the name is not longer.

They hotels crowded around major events in San Francisco to expand its visibility, and allows more businesses to rent room. Later founder and finally found this long domain names play a little pain and abbreviated airb and b, so born in Chinese translated into “the air Board” is not completely accurate, but still pretty poetic


Depth: no high frequency does not just want fire, what do Airbnb conquered you?

(Brian Chesk)

Depth: no high frequency does not just want fire, what do Airbnb conquered you?

Joe Gebbia (right)

4. the Airbnb financing process Starbucks iPhone 6 Case

Paul Graham’s y Combinator was started to apply for later participation in capital, Greylock Partners, Sequoia Capital and Andreessen Horowitz, DST Global Solutions, General Catalyst Partners; is the capital of luxury lineup.

This most recent round of funding, airbnb valuations have reached $24billion, second only to xiaomi and uber, dominating the market value of unlisted companies in third.

Note: its market value and number of houses stay a day are already more than any hotel in the world (for example, Hilton, Starwood, Marriott, etc), that’s the beauty of Internet companies. You don’t look at those entities in the city now hotel (for example: Seasons Hotel, luxurious Sheraton and Westin, etc) how kick-ass construction and decoration, how splendid, hotel group does not know the market value behind it is thrown a few streets by Airbnb.

5. how to ensure the safety

There is no doubt that let strangers stay room, bring about many uncertain factors, such as burglary. Airbnb innovative use of social networks, so that the residents can easily link your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, to provide homeowners with very detailed personal information in order to increase the likelihood of the consent of the owner. 2 months ago, I found Airbnb also introduced ID verification of the Government (similar to Chinese ID card information) under my own authentication information:

Depth: no high frequency does not just want fire, what do Airbnb conquered you?

6. viral proliferation

Email invites and encourages users to your own airbnb experience after every stay on Facebook show.

Recently added invite reward primarily to form the viral spread of effect.

Depth: no high frequency does not just want fire, what do Airbnb conquered you?

7. corporate temperament

This, in fact, Airbnb are vital to the growth and subsequent success. Due to the founders was born designer, so the whole office and Web page, there are rooms to let photos are very beautiful, made very high. This very well, and Craigslist (58 City) and Priceline (c) differentiated services. Meanwhile, has attracted numerous designers, high force, people have to open up the rent of rooms (like Uber). In California, a lot of the music industry, the fashion industry and designers began to rent his house, a lot of not only local but also has decorated the House, which in turn makes Airbnb more attractive.

I rent rooms in LA. In Hollywood on the Hill, view very good, very close to the Observatory. Throughout the night the invincible. Owner is a musician and record couple:

Depth: no high frequency does not just want fire, what do Airbnb conquered you?
Depth: no high frequency does not just want fire, what do Airbnb conquered you?
Depth: no high frequency does not just want fire, what do Airbnb conquered you?
Depth: no high frequency does not just want fire, what do Airbnb conquered you?
Depth: no high frequency does not just want fire, what do Airbnb conquered you?

(I know in reply: d)

8. the company’s technical team and the technical architecture

Airbnb technical staff less than a point at 200 (still in rapid growing pace). There are people responsible for front-end development, back-end development, technical support, data analysis, recommendation algorithms (such as when searching how to get good listings and new homes as effectively as possible to show to the user) and so on. But the company’s 2000+ in the number, and for what? Customer support (customer service) more specific reasons and finally elaborated.

Airbnb backend using Ruby on Rails, all AWS (Amazon’s cloud services), except for some thing within their company; benefit of Rails is quick, developing efficient, build an API server every minute thing. But the downside is the Performance (efficiency) and Scalability (scale) is a problem.

People both in the United States or in China to visit the, slow speed, on the one hand because the picture is very clear, very large; the other hand is a Ruby on Rails performance was poor. The interpreted scripting language and framework has always been criticized to efficiency.

Airbnb is very interesting in this place: it’s a small percentage of users do a/b testing, experience with their deliberately slow for a few seconds, watching users. Experience then a few seconds later found that even Web page, users have little effect on activity and booking amount, and just “assert”: now not a question of the highest priority, replacing Ruby on Rails was a thankless thing, and the whole back-end running on Ruby on Rails.

The reason, Airbnb is to find housing and rental frequency is too low, the performance impact is not so great.

Note: Twitter experienced a transformation in history: the known, Twitter began is built on top of Ruby on Rails, due to users and the Twitter service for real-time requirements are too high, Twitter’s backend to replace Scala and Java as a whole (if the Play I’m not sure) reference.

Airbnb’s front end is typical front-end JS to work with business logic and rendering, and the replacement soon. From the very beginning: umble Rails 2 + Prototype.js, changing to the latest Backbone.js + Handlebars.js recently launched in the View section introducing Facebook React, it is has been keeping pace with the.

One last not finished things. Starbucks iPhone 6 Case

2000 technician on staff of only 200, mostly customer service staff, living like a United States version of ctrip. Their main responsibility is to resolve problems between tenants and landlords. Take a taxi because Uber is different, before landlords and tenants will have a variety of complex problems, these problems must be solved by official. At this time, many savvy Chinese entrepreneurs may be questioned: “Wow, Airbnb is so heavy the way this company! Light not to do it at all to consider. As a platform, and then use the ratings and incentive mechanisms to promote the quality of service guarantee is not ready yet? Airbnb is not a Internet company? Did the Internet thinking? “I did not refute the above words, left as a question to think about choices behind Airbnb.

I just wanted to alert many entrepreneurs make problem: “do not use shallow” model in the Internet era to light “to do for their poor implementation ability of a fig leaf.”

—— Do have the faith in what you love。


Depth: no high frequency does not just want fire, what do Airbnb conquered you?
Depth: no high frequency does not just want fire, what do Airbnb conquered you?

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